“A” favorite in eat the world challenge

There’s something about American food that puts a smile on my face and it makes my mouth water. I don’t mean just burgers and fries, but ribs, pulled pork, clam … Continue reading“A” favorite in eat the world challenge

Eat the world challenge – Albania

I always wanted a challenge, something to keep the four of us or mostly me busy, like I have nothing to do otherwise. Anyway I couldn’t think of the right … Continue readingEat the world challenge – Albania

Eating out with your kids

Imagine you are eating in a nice restaurant, enjoying good food and engaging conversation. Then at the table next to you, you notice a family trying to have a meal, … Continue readingEating out with your kids

Mother knows best

I wanted to call this post I know best, but thought it might be a bit too presumptuous. So, I disguised myself as a Mother. Which I am. Since getting … Continue readingMother knows best

Masterchef Mamma :)

When I had Stela I thought breastfeeding was the toughest until of course I got a hang of it. But when introducing the solids I found myself facing a new … Continue readingMasterchef Mamma 🙂