Romantic hero or a domesticated god?

Yesterday I mentioned Huff Po, but that would never have happened had I not virtually met and joined the lovely ladies over at BLUNTmoms. They are funny, sharp and really great writer. It’s both great and at times a bit scary to be in their company. So, check one of the posts I wrote for them and while you are already there use the opportunity to read some of the other great posts as well.

I was recently at a conference where they presented the findings of a research done by the Discovery Channel about differences and characteristics of women and men. It was so funny to hear how women searching for the right partner prefer honesty and humor to good looks. I think that’s a load of crap. We don’t know what we want; because we are convinced we should have it all. And by the time we realize that isn’t going to happen, we are ready to settle down with just about anything.

I am not saying we should be superficial and just pick them by how they wear their suit and how much time they spend grooming their perfect hair, but truly, if he is not easy on the eye, his sense of humor won’t do you much good. Especially if it’s the wrong kind of funny – resembling more of those take pity/feeling sorry for me jokes at his own expense.

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