The Reason for Getting Up in the Morning

To wake up early for all of us parents is an absurd idea. We are woken up early, every day. So to do it on our own volition, when the kids are still sleeping, it must be for a truly special reason. But to catch the best views, see the world at its best, one must sacrifice something, pay tribute to the muses, I guess. This photo was taken on just such a morning, when the rest of us were sleeping. Hubby sneaked out of the tent and captured this sight, where it looks as if he just missed the fairies dancing across the pond.


I have decided to feature my hubby’s amazing photos every Friday, because he is a great photographer. Also while he gets to be artistic, I get to take care of the kids and wait for him to get the photo just right, the way he knows it can be. So, why not make the best of it. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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