Feel like a Knight at Predjama Castle

A unique castle in a spectacular setting with a tragic story, that’s Predjama Castle for us adults. For kids with lots of immagination it’s a place where they can step into a knight’s shoes and see that history can be fun.

Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is the largest cave castle in the world

To be honest, I was sure it was the only cave castle in the world, but never mind.

The connection of cave and castle in one sentance was enough to inspire our imagination and questions such as: ‘how’s that possible?’, what’s that like?’ and pure: ‘Wow. What a great idea!’

We then had to go see this creation in person.

A fairytale come to life

This magnificent castle proudly defies gravity, as it sticks out of the mouth of the cave, as if it was sticking a tongue and poking fun at its enemies.

Which it actually was. It was built not for comfort but for protection and it offered lots of it, as we learnt upon our visit.

The legend of the Knight Erasmus

We are talking about the knight Erasmus, lord of the castle in the 15th century and a renowned robber baron. Because of his actions he made powerful enemies – the Habsburgs and the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, who issued orders to have him captured or killed.

Erasmus fled to the castle and defied the siege for well over a year. Behind the fascade there were countless tunnels, which allowed him to get all the supplies he needed and move freely. But as the story goes, he was betrayed by a servant and was killed by one shot from a cannon while he was in the weakest part of the castle – his toilet.

The love of his life planted a tree in his memory in the courtyard of the church in the village. You can still visit it.

Armory at Predjama Castle
Visit the armory

History in a fun way

The castle offers an interesting glimpse in to the past. With exhibits such as the armory, torture cellar, chapel and sleeping quarters you learn about the way of life in the medieval times.

With a bit of imagination the legend of bravery, defience and tragedy will play in front of your eyes.

It is history presented in an interesting and engaging way. History the kids will find fascinating and artefacts they’ll remember.

Easily combined with Postojna Cave

The castle is located just 9 kilometers away from the amazing Postojna Cave.

Let us help you plan a visit to Postojna Cave with kids.

Postojna Cave

If you decide to visit both, which we did, you can get a discount on the tickets and make it a day trip.

More about the tickets on the official website of the Castle.

Planning the visit to Predjama Castle with Kids

The castle is located in the village called Predjama, in the SW part of Slovenia.

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We went by car, the easiest way to get there. Get on the A1 highway from Ljubljana to Koper and follow signs for Postojna, then the signs for Postojna Cave, pass the cave and follow the signs for the Castle, which will get you to a small parking lot.

Parking was free of charge, but it was small, so we were lucky to have found a spot.

Kids about Predjama Castle?

Still find it amusing that the knight died on the toilet.

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