Polidor Camping

Content in the tent: Polidor Camping Park with kids

Polidor Camping, a family run camp situated in Istria might be small in size but offers plenty of options to keep you busy for days. Our kids chose the pools and the indoor slide.

Camping in the offseason

In the recent years I’ve discovered that the weekends in the summer get so busy and crowded making ad-hoc decisions to go camping almost impossible. So, this year I thought why not try camping in the off season.

I was sure that the end of May was a safe bet – we’d be able to get a place in the camp, swim in the sea, all with no crowds.

I was wrong, because May this year wasn’t cooperating with my plans. There was enough room, but the weather resembled early fall and not the beginning of summer.

But at least I made the right decision and chose a glamping tent instead of a regular one. And I booked it in Croatia’s best campsite.

Polidor Camping = Croatia’s best campsite

Polidor Camping has received many awards since it opened in 2014, but it won me over because it’s small, family run and located close to our home, in the vicinity of Funtana in Istria, Croatia.

It offers 6 glamping tents, something I wanted to try out with my family.

Polidor Camping Glamping Tent
Glamping tents at Polidor Camping

We love camping, but we all start frowning at the thought of pitching the tent and then having to fold it all back again. With glamping tents we get the perks of a tent with no effort.

The glamping tent has a nice anteroom with a kitchenette, small beige couch and a wooden table with four chairs. There are two bedrooms, one with a king seized bed, the other with a bunk bed and an additional bed. The bathroom is located between both rooms.

The camp also offers different types of mobile homes, glamping rooms and pitches.

Glamping room at the Polidor Camping

Kids favorite was the pool

While the girls loved the tent and the terrace, where we had all our meals, despite the temperatures being lower than it’s usual for this time of year, they fell for the pool.

It was just opposite our tent and as soon as the wheels on the cars stopped turning, they jumped out and were in it, before I had the time to unpack our luggage.

The camp isn’t located on the beach, but 800 meters away. They do however offer free transport to and from the beach. We preferred to walk since it’s easy to get there and it’s a nice walk.

Polidor Camping
Polidor Camping

Special perks of Polidor Camping

Beside all of the above mentioned, this is the first camp I’ve been to that has a bathroom for pets. Not that we have pets. But I still found it cool.

There you can wash your pet after the trip to the beach. It’s located in their multipurpose building, where you’ll also find an indoor slide and a playroom for kids.

My favorite was a small library in front.

How to get to Polidor Camping?

The camp is close to Porec. So, follow directions for Porec and then Funtana. It’s pretty easy to find.

Put this address into your GPS system: Bijela Uvala 1, 52452, Funtana.

If you are renting a mobile home then you can park right next to it. Those staying in glamping tents, like we did, can park nearby.

How much does it cost?

Since the camp is one of the few in this region to be open all year long, the price varies according to the time of year you are planning on visiting. It’s best you if head for the official website and check for yourself.  

Things to see in the region?

If you are going to Polidor Camping here is a list of great things to visit in the region of Istria.

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