Logarska valley

Pinxploring Slovenia

There are around 100 million users of Pinterest and Coolkidzcooltrips is one of them. I pin cool places all around the world, so I can get ideas for our trips later – not that I need new ideas :). I look up great things I’d one day love to get or try to make. Mostly Pinterest lets me daydream. When I can’t get away from our routine, I search for beaches in the Bahamas, lakes in Argentina and quirky coffee houses in Rome… Find us and join in on our adventures.

I am introducing a new series of exploring new places that is for all you Pinterest lovers out there. We are starting off with Slovenia and all the cool pinable places in our home country. Feel free to pin the photos, so you don’t forget which sights you want to visit later.

Lake Bohinj

Lets start with my favorite lake. Slovenia’s largest glacial lake, is one of the must see places. With is wild streak and views that top any other attraction, it is only hard to recommend the perfect time for a visit. But rest assured it always works. With the snow it’s almost like a picture of enchanted Winter right out of the Disney fairytale. It’s quite possibly the best place to watch the colors changing in the Fall. While Spring brings new surprises, Summer will convince you with the possibility of swimming. I guess I appreciate it so much, because this is where nature is front and center. All you are required to do is enjoy it, unwind and relax.

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Lake BohinjMostnica Gorge

Once you get to lake Bohinj a range of hiking possibilities opens up. Mostnica Gorge at the entrance to the Voje valley is close by and it is perfect on hot Summer days. It is also not difficult to reach, so it can easily be explored with kids. Here is more about our trip.

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Voje valleyRiver Soca

I am sure you will be adding river Soca to your must see list. 136 kilometers of emerald green river that defines the whole valley is something you should definitely not miss, even if you only stand on its shores and observe. But you’ve got more options; from rafting to kayaking you can pick whatever suits you best. Trust me you will fall in love with this region famous for its lovely sheep cheese.  With high mountain peaks surrounding it, making it even more unique, it is really hard not to.

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River Soca

Logar Valley

This is how a paradise looks like in my opinion, lush green meadows, waterfall and an array of friendly tourist farms to make you feel welcome. One of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. You’ve got plenty of things you can do, if you want to hike in the surrounding hills or just soak up the beauty around you.

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Logarska valley



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