Pinterest Travel Quotes and … the Truth

What’s there not to like about Pinterest? It has cool images of places (that might be dull looking in real life), great recipes (that frankly don’t work) and creative DIY ideas (that a few can pull off). Still I am there, because it allows me to dream and be inspired. That should also be the main purpose of the many quotes that find their place on all our boards. But honestly, lately, I’ve found that those have exactly the opposite effect on me.

Thinking about it long and hard, helped me realize that maybe I am not the problem, maybe some of the travel quotes, we so enjoy liking and pinning, but have trouble identifying with, don’t work in the real world.  So, I have taken only a few that troubled me the most and searched for the explanation why. Let’s find the hidden truth behind…

Take me anywhere.… it sounds so cool, but when I have just a few weeks of hard earned vacation days, I don’t want to just go anywhere. I want to go somewhere special for me. If you can say this and really mean it, then you just don’t care enough.

Imagine me going to hubbs and whispering oh, baby, take me anywhere. He’d be OK, this is a trick, can you at least give me some pointers, so I don’t mess this one up. You definitely have something in mind and are now testing me on how much attention I pay to what you are saying. Sweety, none. So, spill it out. 


Let’s get lost. Who’s idea of fun is this? Every time the two of us got lost, was due to the fact I have no idea which is left and which is right, but we ended up having a fight, so no, I don’t want to get lost. This is especially true now that we have two tots in the backseat and they would definitely not be amused with us taking the long way home, no matter how cool it sounds.


I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. Which is no guarantee whatsoever. I have spring cleaning on my list and it’s almost Summer now. The fact I have put every country on my bucket list, will get me no closer to them. The only thing you can be sure of, if you put the country on your list, is that it will probably stay there.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Yes, after I have spent hours on the computer and have all the necessary apps along for the ride. I wish I was as cool to just take my kids and off we went, because I do the research, I do the packing and I sweat the small stuff… but hey as long as we get to those steps eventually.



I want to travel the world and never come back. What do you say to this? Yeah, we all probably feel this way at one point or another. But after all the journeys, I have realized I do like to come back too, otherwise the journey becomes a chore and I’d like to keep it a prize, something to look forward to. 



Sorry, out to live. Be back soon. Oh, the patronizing I can’t stand. I loooove to travel but I don’t think traveling is better than everything else in the world, nor do I think it’s the cure, solution to all the problems. Sure, if you want to travel the world, no one is stopping you. But travel for the right reasons, not to escape, but to discover and if you want to stay put or invest into something else that makes you excited, do it.


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