river soca

Photo Friday: River Soca

I tell my kids river Soca is magical. So, why would I tell you anything differently. There is probably a very coherent scientific explanations for the emerald green water that has been inspiring and astonishing people for decades but for the sake of the argument, let’s leave it with special powers. Besides kids and me leap with excitement at the prospect of enchantment.

The moment we arrive at our camping place, I hear it’s murmur. Tall trees surround it and with us being on a steep hilltop, I still can’t see it. So, I slowly walk down the gravel path and approach the wooden fence. Then I look down and I am again in awe. After countless visits its untamed beauty still takes my breath away. Literally. I take a step back and rush to get my girls who have already occupied the nearby playground. But it’s no hardship to get them to follow me.

river soca“You will not believe it,” I start. I want them equally eager.

“This river is straight out of a fairytale. It’s magical. Look,” I point as we all lean on the fence and their gazes following my finger just stop.

And I am not exaggerating but in the dusk I felt the river whisper, put a spell on all of us and makes my daughters believe in real illusions.

As I carry the youngest down the rocky narrow path and the oldest follows me, we search for hubby, who is hunched down by the banks trying to capture some of the charm. Night is creeping in and by the time we reach the bottom of the path we are surrounded with fireflies.  I haven’t seen them since I was my childhood and it was the first time my girls saw them, but we took it as a clear message:

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

But don’t take my word for it, look at the photos.

river soca river soca river soca

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