Photo Friday: Lake Bohinj through the Seasons

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia’s largest glacial lake, is one of the must see places in Slovenia. With is wild streak and views that top any other attraction, it is only hard to recommend the perfect time for a visit. But rest assured it always works. With the snow it’s almost like a picture of enchanted Winter right out of the Disney fairytale. And it’s quite possibly the best place to watch the colors changing in the Fall. While Spring brings new surprises, Summer will convince you with a special kind of joy – the possibility of swimming. I guess I appreciate it so much, because this is where nature is front and center. All you are required to do is enjoy it, unwind and relax.

Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s see if it holds true. Here are my hubby’s amazing photos and you are welcome to go check his page for more:

Lake Bohinj in the Fall


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