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On Scary Mommy With 10 Signs You Are A Traveling Mom

In case you’ve missed it, I was featured on Scary Mommy a while ago, talking about the signs that reveal you are definitely a traveling Mom. Here is a sneak peak of the post but for more you should just follow the link and read the whole article, as well as other great pieces by my fellow bloggers:

Traveling MomFive minutes after I found out I was pregnant, I turned to my husband with a pleading look and said: “We will still travel. Promise me this changes nothing.” But my husband looked at me, unaware of my already raging hormones and shook his head, “We’ll see.”

”With everything in my life changing I wanted to be sure that one of my greatest passions would still remain the same. Of course, the moment my daughter arrived, I knew it wouldn’t. My life was upside down; I barely had the grips on the everyday routine, I didn’t even think about venturing abroad. I postponed the first trip, made up excuses and prepared endless lists.

Finally, on our first trip, the plane was a no-no, the car was packed to the very brink and every step was carefully over planned. But that trip taught me what I needed to know, and five years and many travels later, I am no longer a scared mommy traveler. I know my way around and it shows not only when we are away, but when we are stuck home as well. Are you a traveling mom, too?



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