The Fabulous Fjord: Norwegian Fjord Cruise with Kids

A cruise is a brilliant way of seeing the famous Norwegian fjords. As you gaze up the steep mountains surrounding you, you can experience them in their full splendour. Here’s what you need to know to make most of your next Norwegian fjord cruise with kids.

Norwegian Fjord Cruise with kids – Rodne Cruise

Twelve years ago, when the two of us tried to visit all of Scandinavia in two weeks, we just drove through the fjords, briefly stopping to take in the magnificent views. Still, I was sure we had gotten a good sense of it. After the fjord cruise, I realized that it was just good enough. To fully appreciate this nature’s creation, you have to get on the water.

Norwegian Fjord Cruise with kids is great fun

I didn’t know back then that there’s an array of different cruises to choose from. So, even if you are pressed for time, you can still find an option that will help you create memories of Norway to last you a lifetime.

We chose a three-hour-long tour through the 27-kilometre long Osterfjord with Rodne Fjord Cruise. If travelling with kids, that’s just the right amount of time to be on the boat, and nobody gets bored.

Our kids loved being able to move around from the sundeck to the seats inside when it got too windy at the top. Be aware that the boat is fast and you might want to find shelter inside, where there’s also a kiosk offering refreshments.    

Rodne Fjord Cruise from Bergen to Mostraumen

This is a fun cruise with many amazing views, little lone Norwegian cabins, small villages, stunning nature straight out of a fairytale. It sails straight up to the waterfall, close enough to let you feel the spray of the water.

The great perk of the cruise is also the views of the Bergen Harbour. My advice is to get ready to take great photos from the very get-go.

Bergen from the boat

How much does the Mostraumen cruise cost?

A ticket for the family of two adults and up to 4 kids is 1700 NOK or around 155 euros.

When should you go?

The cruise operates all year long, for the exact schedule check their official website. We went at ten in the morning, and it was a great time. We were extremely lucky to have had sunshine throughout the duration of the cruise. The weather started to change once we were leaving Bergen in the late afternoon.

The great thing about this cruise was that after we had finished, we still had time to explore the city. Once we got back to our cottage, we felt like we’d accomplished so much.

Is it suitable for kids?

Absolutely. Our kids were thrilled. While the tour is accompanied by an audio guide telling you the most important facts, we used this opportunity to talk to our kids about fjords: what they are, how they are formed, etc. I believe that being able to see it all first-hand beats any geography lesson and they’ll remember fjords for the rest of their lives.  

It’s worth mentioning that the cruise is also accessible for pushchairs.

What should you wear on a fjord cruise?

Like I’ve said, we were lucky with the weather, but once the boat started, we still had to put on our rain jackets. I recommend sunglasses as well. If you have a hat, be extra careful with it.

I found that in Norway in general layered clothing works best, as you never know how it will all turn out and I offer the same advice for the cruise.

Where to park?

The cruise starts from the Bergen harbour, so you’ll have to find parking in Bergen. Our favourite parking place in the city was ByGaragen – the biggest indoor garage in Bergen. From there it’s a short, about 10-minute walk to the harbour.

What else?

Explore Bergen … our tips to follow. Until then read all about our adventure on one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.

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