Trick Your Brain at the Museum of Illusions Ljubljana

Museum of Illusions located in the Ljubljana city center offers interactive exhibits that will show both kids and adults, museums can be fun, as well as educational. Here are our tips on how to best plan your visit and make the most of it.


Museum of Illusions Ljubljana is fun and educational

I keep telling my kids that museums are fun, but truth be told, some of them aren’t. Yes, they can be educational and interesting, but fun? That might be me over-exaggerating.

I was very happy that the Museum of Illusions proved me right for once. It has everything I promised my kids museums have: around 40 interesting exhibits, that teach you something new, make you think about things we take for granted. Photo illusions, optical illusions, holograms engage you, so you don’t just wander the halls moving from one item to the next, knowing full well you have no idea what you just saw five minutes ago.

It might be small in size and true, if you didn’t pay attention you could be done with the two floors it covers in 10 minutes. But I dare you to try. Once you enter, even if you weren’t convinced it sucks you in and you can’t help yourself but take your time and be intrigued. So, do plan to spend well over an hour exploring the museum.

Don’t trust anybody

You know how in movies the character is told to not trust anybody but rely only on itself. Well, in the Museum of Illusions Ljubljana you’ll soon discover that might not be such good advice. when you see how easily your mind can be tricked.

You will see exhibits, some you have maybe encountered before, that will leave you boggled. For example, optical illusions: I saw two lines one next to the other and I knew they had to be the same length, but my brain wasn’t buying it. Luckily the museum lets you examine it, so you can be certain. Yet even as I write these words, my brain is still doubtful.

Then there are special rooms, like the Anti-gravity Room, where everything seems to defy the laws of gravity, Infinity Disco Room, where fun and dance stretch into infinity, Ames Room where you can grow taller or smaller, etc.

And once you are done with the exhibits there’s also a playroom at the end, where you can spend even more time figuring out different mind-boggling games. The good thing is that the friendly staff is on standby should you need help.

Continue reading about the Museum at the official site of Tourism Ljubljana.

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