Mummy’s top picks – baby stuff

Once you find out you’re expecting, you usually go a little crazy, a bit over the board with the stuff you need for the baby.Among other things. Especially all the first time parents to be, tend to get carried away. I’ve been there and despite having two kids, I still find myself getting stuff I am sure won’t come as handy as I might think. As all of you, who have been there, know you’ll spend more than half of your pregnancy figuring out what kind of stroller to get. We bought our stroller six days before Stela was born :).Then the time that is not spent obsessing about the wheels, is devoted to deciding on the crib, changing table, bottles, clothes, diapers and all that other baby things. And here’s the catch there are just sooooo many of those other baby items that help you do this and ease that, there’s no way around it. You will succumb and buy some. It’s true some of it is great while other just a waste of money. From my personal experience and judging from the reaction of Stela and Tesa these are our  top five picks. Let me also point out that my breasts are not among them even though all our lives would’ve been unbearable had I not provided food. So, I’ll devote a whole post on how great it is to nurse. But for now let’s stick to just the items you can buy:

1) The baby sling: I’ve already wrote about it in one of my prior posts but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. With Tesa this was my ultimate item. I think it’s best to get it as soon as possible and then just stuff the newborn in. We waited too long with Stela, so she needed time to grow accustomed to it. Tesa loved being all squashed in there and I believe that’s the whole point,. She must have felt like she was still in my womb. I would put her in it and could do whatever I wanted while she slept inside. Oh the great times, I could actually sit down and have some decaf.

2) The baby carrier: The sling only worked for us till Tesa was about four months old, then she was too heavy for to be carried around this way. As soon as she started to sit at around six-seven months we bought the carrier and this one is actually great as it allows you to carry your baby in three different ways (in front facing you, in front facing away from you or on your back).

3)The baby gym: you should get this as soon as you have the baby.It is great to keep them occupied and you get a small break. Both girls loved it.

4) Soft sole leather baby shoes: of course you don’t need the shoes for your baby for some time but when they start getting up on their feet (Tesa started when she was six months old) these work really great. You can get them in different colors with great patterns and they are really nice and soft. Your baby won’t even know she has them on. Stela had only these when she started walking (of course that was in the Summer). But the doctors say that the first shoes should feel almost as being barefoot.

5) Pacifier: now I’ve put this one last, because some of you will be upset for even mentioning it. But let me tell you from my point of view. Stela never liked them and was first stuck on my boobs for like ever and then discovered her thumb. She still sucks it and we are nowhere near to finding a solution on how to stop her. So, when Tesa was born I was determined she’ll have the pacifier and let me tell you my breasts, me, Stela, hubby and the neighbours appreciate it a lot.  There you have it.

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