Kids' Guide to Ljubljana

Kids’ Guide to the Best of Ljubljana

My kids love exploring the nooks and crannies of their hometown. They’ve become experts in where to get the best ice cream, where are the best playgrounds and what’s the best thing to do in the city. For a change, I’m letting them speak and here’s my kids’ guide to the best of Ljubljana. For your kids. You can just pass along the message.

Kids' Guide to Ljubljana

kids’ guide to the Best Ice cream?

Well, the one in the center is nice. (She is thinking about the one on Prešern square called Cacao), but I like the one where I can choose all my toppings. I have to help out with the name – Grefino.

It’s easy to find, as it is right next to the Nama department store, at the beginning of the Cankarjeva street. While kids love creating their own ice cream, you’ll enjoy the coffee or the waffles.

kids’ guide to the Favourite playground?

That’s easy, at my school.

OK, but is it really the best?

After some careful deliberation, she exclaims: “The one with the zip line!”

The perfect reason to visit the lovely Tivoli park is a visit to this great playground. And yes, it has a small zip line along with many slides. Right next to it, is a lovely pond and a coffee place with an indoor play corner.

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kids’ guide to the Best thing to do in Ljubljana?

Rožnik. And flancat and the playground.

From Tivoli park you can easily walk over to the 391-metre-high hill called Rožnik. The walk is suitable for kids of any age and there’s one paved pathway, which means you can get to the top with a stroller.

There is a church on the top but also a nice restaurant where you can enjoy some delicious Slovenian dishes or try flancat – fried dough similar to a donut. Our kids run to the top when we promise this treat at the top.

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