Just give me a reason…


Ok, I am addressing the elephant in the room. What elephant, I have you wondering? The traveling one, huh, what?? Well, ok, the not traveling one. It’s bugging me – this state of staying put. It’s just a pest. I am so antsy, I need to get a move on. Ok, you get it, enough with the animals. But the truth is I just can’t stay put any longer. It is truly killing me. I am so ready for an adventure it hurts.

IMG_0182Yesterday Stela and I played with her toys – the transportation means – trains, buses, trucks and airplanes. I got quite emotional when we discussed, how you board the plane, how it takes off, lands and we named places where we wanted to go. Ok, so I named places and I could actually feel the warm sun in Puerto Rico or the cool breeze in Helsinki. It doesn’t matter, I had an incredible urge to just go pack our bags and board any plane we could find.

And really it doesn’t need to be a plane. Any move from place A to place B would be fine. As long as place A is our home and place B a location at least an hour away. No downtown Ljubljana or my parents’. Somewhere we have to go for the whole day, which completely disrupts our routine. Ok, not completely, a bit of the routine is fine, so we are all sane and safe. Just enough to throw us off track.

But all of the above is not likely to happen very soon. I am home – one kid with chickenpox – yeah we finally got it, but nay for being stuck at home days on end. The other kid with fever and a cold, oh and teething – and me not sleeping combined with PMS. How delightful.

So, I am planning the trips in the future. That keeps me going and venting my frustration on this blog seems to be very cleansing. Oh, and I love Google Street view. Stela and I visited Barcelona and Toronto this morning. IMG_0402I also peeked at my aunts house in Perth, Australia. Still, I am so tired and actually bored with the things being the same day in, day out – the famous routine. It’s really hard to love my life right now. Yeah, I know I should be happy for all the little things and I am, but am just not lovin’ it at the moment. So, to borrow from Pink and Nate – just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough…


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