Join The Adventures of Bella and Harry

In my opinion kids can never have too much of books. Perhaps that is why we have so many of them, piles here, piles there, truly they are everywhere. But the special thing about books is that each is unique. While one can make you want to crawl inside the story and never leave, the other makes you forget, one has you thinking, the other one starting to dream, and so it goes.bella

And with children’s books it’s the same. But they have a tougher job to do, as they need to inspire those young minds full of imagination. While at the same time teach in words they can understand. So, yeah, storytelling is hard.

Now,when you want the books to do the talking, series The Adventures of Bella and Harry are perfect. The author Lisa Manzione and the illustrator Kristine Lucco have created two really cute Chihuahuas, Bella and Harry that will take you along on their way of exploring the world.

Exciting illustrations make you feel a part of every page, while they are out there discovering a new city in all its glory. All the famous sights are so beautifully explained, that all you can say is “Duh, that’s so obvious”, yet for the life of me, I’d never think of it.IMG_0509

If you are set on a trip, you can use them for kids to have their say as well. Like their first guidebook. But if you just want to delve into the great unknown, beware you might get itchy feet and start planning a vacation to Dublin or Rome (those are the ones we have been reading up on) sooner than you can think.

These books (there are plenty of other places they explore beside Dublin and Rome) are great in telling a convincing story and teaching both you (yeah, there are definitely things in there you didn’t know either) and the kids, about the world, whether you are stuck at home or are about to board the plane.

Meant to excite children to travel, learn about different countries, customs, history and landmarks, I think they do a great job.



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