It’s (Hike) Time You Visited Martuljek Waterfalls

As we hiked Martuljek Waterfalls my Mum said: ‘I can’t believe we’ve lived here for 40 years and never visited this beauty.’ Me neither, I thought, because the views are incredible and the hike just long enough even the kids enjoyed it. 

Alpine hut at the top

I make it a rule not to hike if there aro no refreshments at the top. So rest assured not only will the Martuljek Waterfalls impress you with its beauty, you can have a reward at the Alpine hut at the top.

Martuljek Waterfalls
Path to Martuljek waterfalls

If you are looking for a day trip in Slovenia, look no further. Here’s all you should know to plan the visit.

Where are Martuljek Waterfalls?

It’s in the northwestern part of Slovenia – aka our favorite part. To get there, you have to drive towards the ski resort of Kranjska Gora. Stop before you reach it in the village called Gozd Martuljek.

Where to park?

If you are driving from Ljubljana, you’ll notice a sign Gozd Martuljek. Keep driving until you  cross the bridge. On your left you’ll notice a car park.

Leave the car there, since that’s also the starting point for the hike up to the waterfalls.

If arriving from the direction of Kranjska Gora, this parking lot will be to your left before you cross the bridge. 

How far is it from Ljubljana?

Around 80 kilometers (65 km on the highway).

On your way there, you can take a break at a lovely stop right next to the river Sava. You’ll spot it as soon as you leave the highway.

Kids will love the wooden tree house they can explore while you stretch your legs or snap a few photos.

Martuljek Waterfalls

How long does the hike take?

It says an hour, but if you are hiking with kids expect a few extra minutes.

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes, it’s so interesting and beautiful that they’ll love it and it lasts just the right amount of time. A bit more and you’d start hearing ‘I can’t take it anymore. are we there yet…etc.

But be cautious, since the path can be steep and there are loose rocks on some parts. My suggestion would be: make sure kids are with you at all times, no goofing around, until you reach the Alpine hut.

Also never hike unprepared, this means have the right shoes, clothes, food, enough liquids…

Kids hiking
Martuljek Watefalls

Plan your hike to Martuljek Waterfalls

  • From the parking lot follow the main road towards Kranjska Gora until you get to the cycling path. Follow the path to the first crossing and then continue straight.
  • At the next crossing go right.
  • At the fork in the road chose the left path. It will lead you to a bridge.
  • Cross the bridge and turn right. But beware this is a steep climb. It will get you to the Lower Martuljek waterfall and offer amazing views.
  • When you reach another fork in the road chose the left path and then again go left over a bridge from where you can admire the Upper Martuljek waterfall.
  • Continue walking and you’ll reach Ingotova cottage, where you can stop for lunch and a well deserved break.

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