If My Child is My Mirror, then I…


  • don’t leave home without my crown and when I am feeling particularly good I put on my princess costume too.
  • Swear by pink, violet could pass but I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything black.
  • Wear flip-flops when it’s cold and wellies when it’s hot.
  • Take no as the beginning of a negotiation.
  • Throw tantrums when I don’t have my way and do so until everyone gives up.
  • Have seen Frozen, Peppa Pig and Despicable Me a million times (I literally have).
  • Think fruits and veggies are yucky, but pebbles, paper and cigarette buds are an acceptable diet.
  • Could survive on chocolate, cookies and ice-cream.
  • Don’t like boys, because they are mean, yet I manage to marry three in one day.
  • Sing at the top of my lungs whenever the mood strikes, probably at the most inappropriate situations imaginable.
  • Don’t want to get up during the week, but on weekends I am up at dawn.
  • Can’t sit still to save my life.
  • Have an attention span of as long as it takes Let it go to finish.
  • Remember every mistake you made and will bring it up in my negotiations.
  • Take up all the space in whatever bed I sleep in.
  • Hate showers, scream when washing my hair and the sound of the hairdryer makes my jump out of my skin.
  • Love cuddling.
  • Know I am cute and use it.
  • Have two left feet and I keep falling down and bumping into things.
  • Believe there is only good in this word…

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