Finding the Perfect Stroller

When we were expecting our first child, we did all the research we could to find the perfect strollers. And if you have kids or are about to get one soon, then you know how tough it is to choose the right one. I am sure you are aware what a daunting task that really is. Forget about buying a house or a car – stroller is the hardest thing to pick and choose. With all the possibilities, designs, functions, colors and the fact it’s your first kid and you have to go all out there, it is strange any of us manage to buy one. No wander we start researching as soon as the morning sickness kicks off. We finally managed to pick one and our decision was very much influenced by the fact that at that time we had a small car and that other strollers wouldn’t fit. Yes, the stroller was better than the car and we paid a small fortune for it.

strollerWhat we didn’t know at that time is that Stela would have an aversion to the stroller as soon as she was in its vicinity. Both Nikica and I indulged this emotion as we thought of our child as precious as a 5000 year old Egyptian mummy. So, in those first months we carried her around and pushed our stroller.

Then we discovered this awesome baby carrier and even though Stela wasn’t a fan at first, she grew to like it in time. She now likes her stroller as well and that bond is getting stronger. She’d ride the pushchair now that we have Tesa in it. Speaking of our second child you can already guess things took a turn in another direction here. As soon as she was born, on our first walk she was placed in the infamous stroller and we watched her fall asleep in it?! We were amazed, when she slept while the two of us had breakfast in this lovely French cafe in the old part of Ljubljana and kept checking if she was in fact alright.  Of course, the love has its ups and downs. That is when I remembered the carrier and once I put Tesa in it, she truly found her bliss. She was warmly wrapped there for hours on end, sleeping and snuggling. I did everything with half the time even forgetting about her. I’d breastfeed her and then she’d continue on.

IMG_0205When we went to our trip to Wales I didn’t even bother with the stroller. I put her in the carrier and we were off. We could go everywhere even descend over 400 steps, climb to whatever took our fancy and run around the beach. No crying, no nervousness, no taking time off for sleeping. I managed to get my breasts out in the most awkward positions and that was that. My advice if you are going anywhere with a baby this is definitely a must. Tesa has now outgrown hers so we’ll be doing some shopping to find something similar for our trip to Canada. She has again grown to like the stroller but as I said you can only do so much with it. And we don’t want anything to stop us once we are on our way.

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