Gent with It! Gent with Kids

Gent is the third largest city in Belgium in the Flemish Region with the third busiest seaport in Belgium. Full of various historic sights, museums, waffles and chocolate it’s great to explore Gent with kids. 

Here are our top 5 places to discover in Ghent with kids

Gent with kids

The castle of the Counts

We started our exploration of the city with a visit of the castle. I’d recommend following in our footstep because the tour of the castle includes and in-depth audio guide. 

The audio tour is one of the best I’ve ever experienced because it delivers the many interesting facts with a touch of humor. 

The audio tour will give you lots of details, facts not just about the turbulent history of the castle and its famous inhabitants but of the city itself as it’s all intertwined. 

Some kids will love a chance to take a look at the unique collection of torture equipment the castle has on display. Our kids were a bit put off by it and enjoyed the views from the castle more. 

Here’s the link to the official site of the castle to help you plan your visit.  

Gent with kids

Ghent Belfry

While we got a glimpse of the city from the castle, the Ghent Belfry,  a recognized UNESCO World Heritage offers far better views.

The tower that can’t be missed symbolizes the city’s prosperity and independence.

Every Sunday morning you can hear the carillonneur at work between 11 am and 12 noon. 

Fun in Gent with the kids: Let the kids search for the dragon on the tower! It’s been there since 1377, guarding the city. 

Boat trip on the rivers and canals

When it comes to views, rivers and canals in Gent cannot go unmentioned. For a unique perspective climb a board a boat.

There are plenty of boat trips on offer, so just pick one you like best. As far as I could tell the difference between the most popular ones in the city center is the duration of the tour, some are longer and some shorter. Don’t worry you can’t go wrong.

You also have a possibility to rent a boat, kayak and explore the river on do it yourself basis. We also noticed people on SUPs.

Definitely include a cruise in your visit. Not only will you get a much needed respite, but you are still exploring and have a chance to see the city in the whole new light and also realize how the river shaped the life of the city. 

House of Alijn

A one of a kind museum that showcases items and customs of the ordinary daily life of 20th century people.

Our children loved the displays and the two of us had fun explaining some itsm that were not so long ago a part of our lives. I have just realized I am old if the things I used to play with are now on display in a museum.

Here’s the link to the museum that will help you plan the visit. 

A rainy day in Gent with kids? Not a problem! Find more fun museums to visit in Gent.


It can’t be missed, but if you can, make sure you visit the waterfront in the evening as well. Stroll up and down, then take a moment to sit and enjoy how the lights enhance the old buildings lining the waterfront. They become even more enchanting.

Did you know that Gent boasts an university that consistently rates among the top 100 universities in the world. The student population makes it a fun an quirky place to visit.

Don’t forget the food

With such a divers and young population Ghent offers all kinds of world cuisine and a variety of food. But we stuck to the old time Belgium favorites – such as fries with many different sauces, waffles and chocolate.

Thank you Belgium, for once our kids thought we were absolutely the best.

Where to eat? I know you are expecting me to recommend a restaurant, but our favorite place to enjoy all the food was while sitting on the waterfront and enjoying the incredible views. 

Where to stay?

There are plenty of options but if you really want to get a taste of the city, pick accommodation in the city center. We stayed two nights at the lovely Novotel Gent Centrum.  

Get your Ghent card!

Now if you plan to do everything we recommend and maybe add some more activities to the bunch, I’d suggest getting the Ghent card. It includes all the top attractions and public transport.

The easiest and best way to explore the city, especially if you are staying for 48 hours is to get a Ghent card.

Kidz say?

Do we have to leave? There’s more chocolate and more places to explore.

Mum: Yes, I am sorry, but Slovenia’s got plenty of places to visit too and we can come back.



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