Fly like an Eagle @ Aerodium Slovenia

At Aerodium Slovenija you will never go faster from the feeling of utter dread to the feeling of complete excitement. You will be wondering “what was I thinking” and in the next moment, when you are flying, you’ll never want it to stop. Here’s how to prepare for the visit.

Aerodium Slovenia
Me in action.

Hubby picks Aerodium Slovenia

Once upon a time 🙂 hubby told me about wanting to visit Aerodium Slovenia.

What is it, you are wondering? It’s a wind tunnel, where the wind flow is strong enough for you to lie down in it and fly. Without wings.

I took a look at their website. After a second I clicked the x and shook my head no. ‘No way.’

But he was persistent, I’ll give him that.

Hubby flying.

Out of your comfort zone

And slowly I got to thinking, maybe we should try it out. Maybe this is about stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing my fears and trying something new. It worked and we made arrangements to visit.

With the kids, you are wondering?

Absolutely, they were all up for it.

Kids age 6 and up can fly, but you have to sign a waiver for them. Though it’s not so much about the age, it’s more about the weight.

People, who weigh less than 20 kg, can be flown up too high, but those weighing 140 kg and more might not even be lifted from the ground.

Now let’s get to planning and flying.

The youngest soaring high.

Where is it?

It’s located in the town of Logatec, in its industrial zone. Impossible to miss if you type the address into your navigational system 🙂

But the easiest way to get there is by car and there’s a big enough parking space in front, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot.

If you chose a bus or train, exit on bus/railway station Logatec. Use underpass to get to the industrial zone Logatec.

When to go?

The Aerodium is closed Monday to Wednesday. It’s open:

Thursday to Friday from 2 pm till 8 pm

Saturday to Sunday from 10 am till 8 pm

The easiest way is to book ahead on-line and then arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the flight, so you have the time:

  • to take in the space,
  • watch a safety video,
  • get acquainted with what you are about to do,
  • get to know the instructor and
  • get dressed appropriately.

Arrive dressed in warm comfortable clothing.

And she goes all by herself – our oldest.


These depend on how long you want to fly and whether you are visiting on a weekday or on a weekend. For details check their website.

Two minutes is the shortest and it might seem really short. But trust me once inside even a minute seems long enough to enjoy the sensation of flying.

Families get a discount. Also kids up to age of 14 get a 30 % discount for a flight.

Watch me in action 🙂

Is it safe?

Absolutely. After watching the safety video where we learned what we were supposed to do, the instructors explained everything in further detail and answered all our questions.

The girls were scared but both instructors made them feel at ease and they were willing to try it.

I was scheduled to go first and I admit I was reluctant. For a second. Then I literally threw caution to the wind and got into the wind tunnel.



The feeling was absolutely amazing.

The fear turned into adrenalin rushing through my body.

I flew: up and down and the instructor was there throughout to help make it an excellent and safe experience.

One I recommend everyone to try.

Kids say?

Scary but oh so much fun.

Girls loved it, but I think they found the concept too crazy to believe in. The fact that you are allowed, encouraged even to fly. They want a few more visits to get the hang of things 🙂 and we don’t mind.

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