Exploring the Educational Trail River Hubelj

Not interested in a steep hike up a mountain but would still like to enjoy nature and incredible views? Then why not explore the educational Trail Hubelj River? This 3,1 kilometer circular route shows off the best of the Vipava valley and it’s suitable for almost anyone. Let’s see.

The Educational Trail River Hubelj
The beginning of the Educational Trail River Hubelj

About the Educational Trail River Hubelj:

  • As the name suggests the trail follows river Hubelj from Ajdovščina all the way up to its source and back.
  • The source is magnificent especially after heavy rain, when you can admire the waterfalls bursting from caves and crevices of the hill Navrše. There are three caves: Big Hubelj kitchen, Spider’s net and Eastern Hubelj cave. In dry times they measured over 400 tunnels.
  • The trail is circular and fairly easy.
  • It’s 3,1 kilometers long, which will take you about an hour.
  • Along the way you will encounter 24 different signs pointing out the various plants, animals, soil and landscape typical of the Vipava Valley.

Find more information on the Educational Trail River Hubelj, though it’s marked well and easy to follow.

How did river Hubelj get its name?

One of the legends says that once upon a time there was no water in the valley and the great giant living in the nearby hills felt sorry for the people, who had nothing. He wanted to help them but didn’t know how. Fairies turned up and told him that there’s a source beneath the rocks and he is strong enough to dig it up.

The giant got to work and he kept huffing: ‘hu, hu, hu.’ The dwarves heard the noise and encouraged him by chanting: belj, belj, belj (which in the local dialect meant more, more, more). And once the giant moved the rocks a strong mighty rives burst out.

Where is the Educational Trail River Hubelj located?

Okay, so first things first. Where is it? The trail is located in the town of Ajdovscina, in the Southwestern part of Slovenia. The city is often referred to as the Garden of Eden, as it is green and rich with cultural and natural monuments.

Ajdovščina is the second largest town in the Vipava Valley, the valley well-known for great wines.

Ajdovscina and the parking space in the distance

Where to park?

There’s a free of charge parking lot in front of the Hostel Hiša Mladih. Though you should know you can also park up at the source of the river or at the restaurant called Gostilna pri izviru Hublja and do the trail from the other direction.

When to visit the trail?

We went for a hike in December, actually on the very last day of the year and it was nice because it was sunny and warm but still I missed the leaves and the vibrant greens of spring. So, I’d recommend April or September, when it’s also rainy enough to get the full experience at the spring. Summer months might be too hot I fear, especially as on the way down you have to cross fields where shade is scarce.

Hiking the trail with kids?

Yes, you can easily hike the educational trail river Hubelj with kiddos, even younger ones, like five, because the terrain never gets too steep. But you can’t visit with a stroller.

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And like I already mentioned the trail is fun, full of signs teaching kids about the things around them. Though all the signs are only in Slovene.

How long does the hike take?

It’s 3,1 kilometer long and it will take you about an hour to accomplish. Though I’d suggest being ready to spend more. You’ll want to take time to make little stops and enjoy the views of the river and the whole valley.

Where to eat?

If I had known that there were many benches along the path, I’d bring more food than just donuts. So, while there are restaurants in Ajdoviščina, at the source and all throughout the Vipava valley, I recommend brining some food along and stopping for a picnic with the best views.

It’s a way of making the journey even more fun for the kiddos.

My favorite thing?

The little village in the distance.

Kids’ favorite thing?

The views from the top. And honestly getting back to the car because as much as they’ve enjoyed it, they also spent some time complaining. But we’ve learned, or rather I am learning to ignore it and the trail is fun enough, so there were only a few complaints.

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