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Mum and Kids Share: 10 Things to do in Tokyo with Kids

Tokyo with kids

‘Did you know the tickets to Tokyo are 400 Euros?’ I say to my husband on the phone. I am met with silence. ‘Are you serious, babe, Tokyo? We can’t afford Tokyo. With the two of them? I don’t know. Let’s talk about it later.’ He hangs up and I admonish myself for being silly. …

A Lazy Parent’s Guide to Travel

lazy parent's guide

This is probably universally understood: my day consists of work, home and kids. Then repeat. Keep repeating. Indefinitely. You get me, we are probably in it together. Bottom line, when I have the days off, sure, I want to travel, but at the same time I kind of wish the travel would be switching from …

7 Tips for Visiting the National Gallery of Slovenia with Kids

National Gallery of Slovenia

Unlike the zoo, playground in Tivoli park or Dragon Bridge, National Gallery of Slovenia doesn’t sound like something you’d want to do with kids. But as someone who has taken their kids to this family friendly place often, I am here to tell you that you should. Because it is a great way to learn …

Mum vs Kidz: Tips on Visiting Gibraltar with Kids


I was so excited about visiting Gibraltar with kids, a place that always sounded so mysterious and elusive. ‘I thought I’d never see it,’ I told my husband when I first caught the glimpse of the majestic rock protruding out of the water and touching the sky. My kids unaware of its history or significance …

Mum vs Kidz: Tips for Visiting Gardaland with Kids

Gardaland with kids

I am thinking a few hours and then they’ll be too tired for more. My kids are planning never to leave. While I want to do a few rides the whole family can enjoy, I have an adrenaline junkie beginning to try the scariest rides and a fraidy-cat on the other wanting to stay on …

No Whining in Goriška Brda With Kids

Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda is a region in the Western Slovenia often referred to as the Tuscany of Slovenia, because of the many rolling hills, picturesque villages on top overlooking vineyards and orchards. It’s Heaven for wine lovers, but no one can whine here – not even the kids. Goriška Brda will keep the whole family happy. …