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Cool Kidz Pick: Best Photos of 2015


From the high solitary mountain tops to beautiful, peaceful beaches, we were very busy this year. As it comes to an end, we share 10 best photos of 2015, according to you. Here are the photos that were liked and commented the most on our Instagram profile @coolkidzcooltrips. Observing high mountain peaks on Mangart pass. …

Photo Friday: The Krimml Waterfalls

Krimml Waterfall

With their impressive waterfall drop of 380 m the Krimml Waterfalls are the fifth highest waterfalls in the world. If you are up for a walk there is a hiking trail, which makes it possible to get very close to them and it affords really amazing views. To witness its sheer power you don’t need …

Photo Friday: Logar Valley

Logarska Valley

As Slovenia celebrated its Independence Day, we took the day off and went exploring Slovenia’s gem –  Logar Valley. It is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. 7 kilometers long, 250 meters wide and surrounded with mountain peaks more than 2000 meters tall. A terrific place for hiking or just gentle strolling, …

Photo Friday: Hvar Island

Hvar Island

Secluded coves, historically rich towns, lush vineyards make Hvar island one of Croatia’s most popular destinations. It is known as an island of superlatives; the longest, the sunniest and the trendiest place in the Adriatic Sea. But I have gotten to know and fall in love with it its mysterious, secluded and serene side. Hvar …

Photo Friday: Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Parl

Situated on the west coast of Britain, Snowdonia National Park is the largest National Park in Wales, home to the highest mountain in England and Wales, and the largest natural lake in Wales. But it’s way more than just those facts, it is an area that will definitely enchant you. No matter how much you …