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Can’t Say No to Family Camping: Camping Bled Review

Camping Bled and its new mobile homes bring everyone closer to camping. The four state of the art houses with all the necessary amenities debunk all excuses for saying no to family camping.

IMG_1144While I love camping, I know it comes with a lot of hassle. Especially if you are doing it with kids. Still camping has a special charm, so we keep coming back for more. But I understand all of my friends who think it’s just too much work. And I guess that people at Camping Bled understand the excuses too, because they have now created four really stylish looking mobile homes that come with a fully equipped kitchen, a sleek bedroom and a cozy bathroom, a bunk bed for kids and even a TV. Though I don’t understand why would you want to watch it, when you are bestowed with such incredible views.

IMG_1122-PanoWe were impressed with the camp a year ago, when we went there by ourselves and gave the glamping huts a chance. It proved to be just what we needed, some us only time and a perfect romantic setting. Well, in my very subjective opinion in Slovenia it doesn’t get any better than Bled. And if you are after peace and quiet then these huts in the Winter are your safest bet.

IMG_1157Still, like any parents we couldn’t help but think about all the things our kids would enjoy if they were with us. So, all along the plan was to one day come again and try camping. But imagine my joy, when I found out that since the beginning of this May, they have added four modern and incredibly cool looking mobile homes to their selection. And these are designed especially with families in mind. Yes, no more excuses to leave the kids behind.


IMG_1055We had to give it a try. And while I was expecting a deserted place, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many campers have already started this year’s camping season. We still find it a bit too cold to jump into a tent, though I could see the allure when observing our neighbors. We were glad to have a bit sturdier place to stay. So, another myth down the drain, it’s definitely not too early to give camping a go, especially if you are lucky enough to stay here.

It was pretty awesome really as you get to have the whole camping experience without the hassle, that makes many think twice about doing it with kids in tow. Here you have a real house, don’t have to share a bathroom or try to find it in the middle of the night, even though that is quite an experience. You have your own peace and quiet but you still get to be a part of the camp and get that vibe.

Everything worked perfectly, we were even lucky with the weather.

But what struck me the most and makes me wish I was still waking up there are the views. It was as if we were halfway in the forest, with nothing but the birds chirping and trees swaying in the breeze. It truly was that poetic.

Though my cool kids would vote for eating breakfast outside on the porch as their favorite.

Camping BledJust the weekend here felt like a week long vacation. Of course it helps that (again in my very own extremely subjective opinion) the camp is located in the most beautiful part of Slovenia. And I don’t just mean Bled, that is well almost too imposing. I love the surrounding area; hidden valleys, waterfalls and gorges and mountains and rivers and all the incredible nature. So, you could definitely stay here a week and have fun exploring everything. I grew up here and I am still able to find new nooks and crannies that make me search for the better words than just amazing, breathless and cool.

Here are some tips on what to visit…

lake bledHere is info on this cool camp that will make a perfect location for your traversing:

Remember, now you have no excuses to say no to family camping, you can say yes to family glamping.

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