Best Beaches in Denmark

Best Beaches in Denmark for Families

I understand that the sea surrounds Denmark. So why was I surprised with the many beaches we encountered on our trip through the Jutland peninsula? Because I hadn’t expected them to be so gorgeous or the sea warm enough for us to enjoy them properly. Here’s a list of the best beaches in Denmark for families.

In the Summer of 2020 we drove through the Danish Jutland peninsula on our way to Hirtshals, where we caught the ferry to Norway.

The original plan was to stop in AArhus and Skagen to look around and get the taste of Denmark. Because we were pressed for time, our schedule didn’t allow for much more.

But after we entered Denmark and stopped in a small town to get some supplies, we decided it was too hot to do any major sightseeing. Besides, we weren’t in the mood to walk around the cities when there was a beach nearby. It was a no brainer. Beach it was.

And that’s how we discovered our first Danish beach. Soon others followed and we came up with 5 best beaches in Denmark for families.

Best Beaches in Denmark

5 Best Beaches in Denmark for families

Hvidbjerg Beach

We found it by Googling beach in the vicinity. And wow. We were impressed. We parked the car and climbed a hill, basically following other people up the hill through the woods.

Once on top, we realized we were standing on top of high sandy dunes and the beach stretched below us.

The beach got its name from the natural heritage protected dunes of Hvidbjerg Klit, unique to the Jutland East Coast.

It was a fun experience because it’s all, sand and the water is pretty shallow, so you have to walk far to reach depth.

The following day, we had time until evening. We used it to explore more beaches. Then we caught our ferry to Norway.

Saltum Beach

Fine white sand and more dunes, no wonder this beach is among the best beaches in Northern Europe.

Due to the width of the beach, you can drive on the beach.

We didn’t know this so imagine our shock to find cars on the beach. Nonetheless, the beach is stunning, and the kids had so much fun, it was impossible to get them to leave.

Aalbæk Strand

A beach we discovered by merely stopping and deciding we’d had enough of driving. We went out, gathered our things, and found the path leading to another stretch of white sand.

We walked, ran, and swam, and after we got out of the sea, we battled with the sand until we came home from our trip altogether. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d still find some sand in nook and crannies.

Beaches at Skagen

It looked terrific, but it was crowded, and the time for our ferry was fast approaching. We decided to play it safe and have a last swim in Denmark in Hirtshals.

Kjul Strand

This time we adopted the Danish way and parked our car right on the beach. It was great to have everything handy without having to carry it anywhere. We could get used to that.

A few more dips into the warm sea, and we were reluctant to say goodbye to Denmark. It treated us to two perfect hot Summer days and gave us plenty of beautiful places to refresh ourselves.

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