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We are not a nomad family traveling the world for months in the row on 5 bucks a day. We are a regular, as normal as a family can be. We just love to travel. We don’t do it nearly as much as we would like to, due to finances, time, a bit of both I guess… But we do strive to make our every day life as adventurous as possible. So, on occasion we are just dealing with regular parenting issues of why in the world our kids don’t do what we tell them to but whenever we get a chance we transform ourselves (somewhat like superheros) into travelers and go exploring, from our backyard in beautiful Slovenia to far away places…

Who are we?

Me: at thirty something (let’s not get into that), social media lover as you can see I try to be everywhere, though when we travel I tend to forget to take the photos, tweet, I just enjoy the moment. I am a proud blogger and an even prouder Mommy to two adorable, keep me busy all the time little girls. And last but not least, a big time travel fan, who loves to be on the road with the family. While we might call Europe, Slovenia to be more precise, our home, if was up to us, we wouldn’t stay put anywhere for too long. Yes, we’d be Nomads 🙂 

Nikica: hubbs extraodinaire. Loves nature, photography and his three girls:). While I’m the planner, he’s the man that makes things happen. Oh, and with 10 kilos of photo equipment in tow, he never travels lite.

Stela: is used to spending hours in the car, excited when we mention the possibility of a trip or just being outside. Can spot a playground from a few kilometers away no matter where we are.

Tesa: car, car, car. After driving for hours on end, she can still manage to sit for a few minutes more. But the minute she’s out, there’s no way getting her back in any time soon. Luckily bribery still works.

3 thoughts on “Meet the cool kids

  1. Good for you and yours! We are an adventurous kind of family too We live in Sequoia National Forest in California when we aren’t out and about. I’ll be following along to see what you are up to. If you have the time and interest, I invite you to check out my blog of kids’ projects and mom stuff. Love your photo up above!
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Hi!
    Just found your website through google search. I love your blog from the first time I saw it! I’ve been visiting blogs everyday for I am always up for new and refreshing dishes for my small business. I find it interesting, healthy and mouth watering (yey!) and spells F-U-N!

    By the way, I have found a cooking competition that I think you might get interested in. It’s about cooking your national dish. I think you would be a perfect fit to join the contest. The stake? A chance win an Ipad mini or money. I’m pretty sure you would be a perfect fit to represent your country.

    Heres the link:

    Hope to see you on competition! Goodluck and have fun with it!

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