“A” favorite in eat the world challenge

IMG_0067There’s something about American food that puts a smile on my face and it makes my mouth water. I don’t mean just burgers and fries, but ribs, pulled pork, clam chowder, fried chicken, gravy, rich chocolate fudge and brownies and Boston cream pie and well, I could just go naming it, but I’ll stop. Or I’ll end up being so hungry I’ll never finish this post.

So, we’ve been or OK, I’ve been very neglectful of our challenge ever since we went on our vacation in September. I keep postponing having to decide which country to do in the first place and then finding the appropriate dishes I want to make. But we did make some headway. Sticking to A and having just come back from Iceland, the easiest choice was of course United States, definitely my “A” favorite. What does Iceland have to do with the States? Well, since they are so close, they import a lot of their stuff, like food and I honestly couldn’t help myself there, though the prices were really steep. Still, there were some items we had to buy and bring home. Thus the decision what would be next on our menu was really simple. Basically out of our hands, because how else could I explain allowing our kids to have burgers, chicken wings and fries for lunch. Apparently with a little spin, it can be done.

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We made burgers from scratch, actually, cheese burgers and we did include a lot of veggies, but you can do it anyway you like. I put patty, cheese, a slice of tomatoes, cucumber and onion, some lettuce, mayo, ketchup, relish and was got to go.IMG_0070Tesa wasn’t really into it, I guess she’s too young to know a good deal and Stela was more into just bread and meat. They both loved the fries and we made them from both regular as well as sweet potatoes. I also had me some bakes beans and my bunch just frowned upon that one, but I am positive they’ll eventually come around. (I was just so amazed to realize how many new varieties they had in store. I had a hard time choosing which one or two to take home and still have one left.) I can’t believe I am making this post about my crazy eating perks, but it seems I can’t be objective when it comes to some of my favorite munchies.

To top it all off we wanted to have brownies as well, since a friend mentioned our challenge should also include desserts and who am I to turn down such good advice. But we were stuffed so full, I had trouble taking my next breath. Not to worry, they didn’t go to waste, we had them a few days later with ice cream and whipped cream and I felt as I’ve just been on an episode of Man vs food. Hubbs complained it was too sweet for him, but I just don’t get that, how can that ever be a downside.

I realize this post is full of stereotypes, so I’ll not tell you that for the “Austrian” day, another one of my dear “A’s” we had Wiener schnizel (breaded veal escalope) and Appfel struddel (apple pie). And I can’t wait for Belgian waffles and fries… I guess there is much to look forward to. But to make it clear, I am well aware there is more to every cuisine then the few famous dishes, that might not do the country justice. But hey, we get to pick what we find most tempting as we travel with our tummies to wherever we want and that’s what makes it fun.

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  1. This post cracks me up. “Baked beans” are a temptation to you? LOL! My son recently said, “I’m American right? OK, but I am still not going to eat beans!” (age 5)

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