A black and white day in Iceland

A weather can make or break any trip. You can have it all carefully planned and yet whether it will rain or shine is out of your hands, no matter the seasons, the months or the climate you just have to go and hope for the best. Nowhere is that more true than in Iceland and with most of its sites being outside, you’ve got nowhere to hide.

We went well prepared, ready for the rain, wind and the cold, though I was still shocked coming from the Summer here at home to the cold there. Not just the cold, the constant winds swiping across everywhere you go. I knew it, still I had a hard time adjusting and getting out of the car. We were actually very lucky, as it only rained one day and even that was more of a Scottish drizzle. Other than that it was more or less sunshine mixed with cloudy moments.

IMG_1055-EditThe day it rained or drizzled we were set to visit the famous black beach near Vik. It was gloomy looking and when we arrived at the beach it seemed as if the world turned from color to black and white. Yes, the weather truly is the deal maker or breaker and I admit I want the sun shining all the way through any of my trips. Still here on this magnificent shore the fact that it was all clouds, with drops of rain and angry looking sea, was to my surprise what made it all even more real and raw.

IMG_1119-EditA perfect moment for soul searching, for letting go of my troubles with every wave of the ocean hitting the shore and just taking it all in. There were just a few tourists around and the place made me feel so all alone yet not lonely, it gave me the sense of how small I was but not insignificant. Reduced to nothing but black and white it conveyed the emotions bursting with color.

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