5 Places in Slovenia Where It Doesn’t Suck to Wake Up Early

Parents are no strangers to waking up early, not willingly. We’ve also figured it out by now, that all the sayings about the benefits of early rising are not true. From experience, nothing worthwhile happens in the mornings at our home. I wouldn’t be missing out on anything, but the kids don’t care. Not even on vacation. So, it’s all about finding places where it doesn’t suck to wake up early or you really might miss out on something – a great view, a terrific breakfast or an exciting new adventure. Here are such five places in Slovenia.


Even if you are not a morning person, more like hate everyone in the morning person, these five places in Slovenia will have you excited to get out of bed.

Studor 13

Set in the quiet village of Studor in the Gorenjska region, this lovely B&B, Studor 13 will make you feel at home. You will fall asleep early and then brightly rise and shine to catch the first glimpses of the magnificent lake Bohinj, just a few kilometers away. Mountains will call, lake Bled will invite you, so many beautiful things await you, there really is no reason to stay in bed here…

Studor 13


It is a set of six lovely apartments in Podcetrtek, the first Eco apartments in Slovenia, part of the Eco hotels certified. And you can see it in every detail – the effort to use all the natural materials, as much as they possibly could, like wood, clay and stone. My favorite part – the part where it doesn’t suck to wake up early is the promise of amazing views right from the comfort of your bed and a breakfast to indulge in right in the lush garden. Honestly, for me the prospect of good food is always the best incentive. It gets me to do wonders.


Pri Flandru

Nestled high in an almost forgotten village of Zakojca, on the edge of Primorska region, the tourist farm Pri Flandru offers treats for the whole family; from the delicious homemade food to riding horses. All you have to do is get there and wake up bright and early not to miss out on anything. Even if it is just lounging on the chairs on the front lawn waiting for your delicious lunch made of my favorite – zlikrofi.

pri flandru



These chalets are appropriately called Nebesa, meaning Heaven in Slovene. Who would not want to wake up early to enjoy paradise! They are located in what I would call the most stunning part of Slovenia, Posočje Region, just a few minutes of uphill drive away from the town of Kobarid. Speaking from first hand experience, it truly renders you speechless: mountain peaks, emerald green river Soca, small towns in the distance, you can just sit back and enjoy. No kids, because they don’t really welcome them, actually means you don’t need to wake up bright and early, but here you’ll want to. There is breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Soca valley, there are saunas to enjoy, there are countless walks to be taken…



Camping Bled

Camping Bled and its new mobile homes bring everyone closer to camping. The four state of the art houses with all the necessary amenities debunk all excuses for saying no to family camping.We were impressed with the camp a year ago, when we went there by ourselves and gave the glamping huts a chance.

Waking up here feels like waking up in a forrest, with nothing but the birds chirping and trees swaying in the breeze. It truly is that poetic. And besides the second you wake up there are so many great places in and around Bled to explore, every minute will count.



But hey don’t take my word for it, go try it out.

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