5 things you should never say to a blogger

I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now, not long but enough to know my way around. I take my blog seriously. I write, read what others do and try to find ways to improve. But I for sure don’t consider it a job, though it requires a lot of work and it’s not a hobby because it never stops, it’s all consuming. I think of it as a way of life, another thing that defines me because I enjoy doing it, get a kick out of the comments and am proud of myself when I nail both the subject and the text. And most of the bloggers I’ve come across feel the same.

So, when you meet someone and it comes up that they have a blog (trust me it will come up, because we like to mention it), don’t take it the wrong way. The blog is sort of like another one of our kids and you’d be OK with us gushing over our newborn, so fake your interest in this, too. But please, never use any of these responses:

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I don’t read blogs. – what, you’re too cool, it’s a waste of your time, there are no good bloggers? This is a conversation, friendship, whatever relation immediate stopper. It’s not that I expect everyone to read my blog, well, I do, but OK, for the argument sake, let’s stick to I don’t. At least nod your head, do a couple of oh, that’s nice, interesting, hm, hm, hms and change the topic. Because I know that if I told you I am into curling, you’d be all over me with the questions and you probably don’t even know what it is. You wouldn’t just dismiss it, like I don’t do curling. Oh, really, because here I thought everybody did it.

I am thinking of starting a blog myself. – That’s OK, if it is followed with questions on how to do it, what tools and platforms to use etc. But if you just put it out there and let it hang, well, I don’t really know what you expect me to say. There’s only millions of you thinking about it? I am thinking of winning the Academy Award. Why don’t you do it? I have no problem with fellow bloggers, I have joined such awesome communities where we give each other advice, comments and share posts. But everyone of us does the work, we are not just thinking, we are doing.

My friend is the best blogger out there. – and you top it off with saying how cool he is and what an awesome life he has. Making him sound as almost Roger Federer of blogging world. Well, good for you and your friend. But you haven’t even asked me what kind of blog I write, what exactly do I do. Of course I might not measure up to your friend, but the best thing about blogs is that anyone who wants, can try it. There’s millions of topics out there and for each topic there is an astounding number of bloggers covering it. I’ll always ask you who your friend is and immediately check the site, because I am curious and I want to be better. Besides I need to know what your standards are too. Extend me the same courtesy and ask for my blog’s name, even if you never look at it.

You’ll never make money. – ever since I’ve started writing this blog, that’s what everyone always told me. What many don’t get is, that it’s not about the money, well, not always. While, I’d love to earn money writing my posts, just running and creating this page has taught me so much and I’ve gained experience, met new people and tried not things. Taking money for it, might be too tacky. Still, I’d do it.

When do you have the time? – I don’t have the time. I make the time. I get up early and sit at my computer with a cup of coffee and I write. Why? Because I like it. Let’s be honest, if you can’t make it to your pilates class every week, you don’t really enjoy it all that much. Don’t make me writing my blog sound like I watch soap-opera’s all day while my kids go without food and supervision.

I don’t mean to sound like we bloggers are all a bunch of egotistical pricks, especially because not all of us are bothered by the same things. But we are proud of what we do, opinionated and want everyone to know or we wouldn’t be doing what we do. I am passionate about it, so I want others to be as well. If you can’t manage understanding then at least do interested and not condescending. And I’ll do the same when you explain you throw darts, play chess or love running marathons.

12 thoughts on “5 things you should never say to a blogger

    1. Ha ha ha. Could you look at mine :). I agree. I am really annoyed by the when do you have the time? Whatever you say it’s never OK.

  1. love it! I like to help people but I do find it amazing the amount of times I get asked from complete strangers how do I get started blogging? Well I didn’t know a single blogger when i started and I figured it out. You just start, there’s this thing called the internet there’s enough info you can get started if you really want to. Once you start then join some blogging communities and support each other. very different than asking someone you don’t know how do I start?

  2. Yeah, it seems to get weird responses from some people. And I’m like, what, it’s just a hobby, lots of people have liked writing stuff since, approximately, the beginning of literacy. Surely you can handle it?

    I especially like the “don’t read blogs” one. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Inga;
    honestly told, while reading this, make me feel, like I am writing it… I know people are different and each has its own hobby, interests, but what iritate me the most is asking, where do I have the time for blogging – like you said, I make it, because I love to write – no matter if I earn some money or not… I do it for pleasure… Not to mention all the other benefits you get from blogging – met tons of outstanding people and learnt so much from them all! Blogging is great and hard work, but if you really, really like something, nothing is too hard to do it!

    1. Hi Nina, thank you for your kind words and yes, I think you have perfectly summarized what blogging is all about. By the way it was great meeting you in person πŸ™‚

  4. “I don’t have the time. I make the time.” So true. No matter how busy I am with work that actually pays, I ALWAYS make time for my blog. Early morning, late in the evening, it doesn’t matter. Not posting for an extended period of time gives me withdrawal symptoms. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for commenting and I am glad you agree. I think the drive we have is what makes us bloggers in the first place. It certainly isn’t the money πŸ™‚

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