5 reasons not to travel

I have read somewhere that over 1 billion people travel each year. And let’s say that is true, why do so many of us do it? I know I take trips to explore, to see something new, to escape and to forget, to experience, to broaden my horizons, to delve deep into another culture. The reasons are so many and no matter what they are, they are enough to get me somewhere.

I often listen and cringe at the same time when people try to convince me certain type of travel is better than the other, more authentic as they like to put it. Because unless you live almost like a nomad, on a buck a day, you are supposedly really not doing it right and you shouldn’t even bother calling yourself a traveler. I don’t like pretentious people, not even if they have the greatest tales of countries I’ll probably never be able to visit, because too often I feel as they are doing it only to make to stand out. So, while I do think one can travel anyway one likes, there are reasons why one should not do it in the first place.


1)      Trying to impress: I am sorry but nobody really cares where you’ve been. Yes, everybody asks but they are secretly thinking: “Ough that bastard, what does he do, to be able to spend three weeks in Nicaragua, Costa Rica or trekking in Nepal”. And honeslty are you willing to spend your hard earned cash for likes on Facebook and favorites on Twitter, I mean you would probably have better luck posting a photo of “Look what my dog did today”, then “guess where I am”, when you are standing in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Travel only for yourself.

2)      Groundhog day: if you go to a new place and want everything the way you have it at home, please spare us all, stay at your I-believe-lovely home and beautiful country. I know that in these times you can get the same rooms, the same food, the same drinks anywhere in the world, but honestly do you want to keep paying for the same experience over and over again?

3)      At a gun point: I don’t care if it’s the love of your life, nobody should make you climb Mount Kilimanjaro or walk up and down the streets of Amsterdam if that’s not what you like. It’s a lose -lose for both of you. You hate it, they hate you for ruining the experience you all probably paid too much money for. Besides you’re not making anyone follow your hobbies right, like playing chess, throwing darts or collecting stamps.

4)      Are we there yet: you just want to stay on the beach at the all-inclusive resort; you don’t really want to spend your cash going through the villages and watching the villagers dance. You survived the flight and till the one taking you home, you want to stay put and rest. Well, do it.

5)      Everyone is doing it. Yes, it may seem that way, but only if you are spending too much time on all the Social Media and then you might also thing everyone is cooking like the greatest chef, everyone has happy and well-behaved kids and everyone’s lives are nothing but great. But are they really? Be yourself, don’t do something that it’s not right up your alley.

Travel can be one of the most rewarding things in life, but it can also suck, if you don’t really want do it. 

Then eight hours on a bus that should take only four, pouring rain while you are stuck outdoors, or realizing you don’t have a place to sleep at eight in the evening, are not just another adventure, but annoying and making you miserable, money down the literal drain with no great photos for everyone to see.


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  5 comments for “5 reasons not to travel

  1. Mike
    20 May, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Are you serious with this?! Let me start by saying I never comment on anything, but this is rediculous. You say you don’t like pretentious people telling you how to travel.. followed by your reasons not to travel?! That you think people can travel any way they like.. followed by your suggestions on why and how they should or shouldn’t? Ya know what? I’ve traveled a lot of places, in a lot of ways, and never once regretted it. If I had a bad experience, at least I had an experience, a memory, that would never be forgotten and would become a funny life story later on. Who cares if someone wants to hitchhike across costa rica, while someone else wants to stay in a resort and another just wants to share an experience with a friend. Everyone is different and everyone should travel. What you shouldn’t do is sit at your same stupid home working your same stupid job watching the same stupid tv shows or some other stupid repetitive behavior. Go. Live. Experience and grow any way that you can. I guarantee that slurry of stupid repetition will never warrant a clear memory of an experience. You will probably find yourself more close minded over time and writing articles about how people should experience less and stop being a-holes. So here’s some real advice: travel. Anyway, anywhere, on any budget you can; because life is too short to find reasons to say no.

    • Inga Batur
      21 May, 2014 at 6:45 am

      Hi Mike,

      thanks for commenting. I agree with you, travel if you like anywhere and anyhow. My point is only, don’t do it, if you don’t enjoy it, then find something else that makes you happy more.

    • 21 May, 2014 at 12:02 pm

      And who says that having a repetitive job isn’t living? And who defines living anyway? I know people who have a repetitive job and love repetition.. who says they’re not living? They’re living their lives and you shouldn’t judge them either.

  2. 21 May, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    I agree with these reasons. Travelling is great but there are many reasons not to do it and your posts gives great reasons not to travel- and yours are spot- on.

  3. Andy
    28 July, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    Is the point here, “Don’t do something unless you really want to?” Sure….I guess you can make that argument about traveling…..? It just seems like a really odd way to think about exploring the world. I can make the same argument about eating Italian food. Don’t eat it if you don’t really want to! Huzzah!

    These reasons read more like you went in to your town to go about your daily life and encountered a bunch of typical American tourists. I’m more interested in why you personally are against travel, Inga, as there really isn’t one right or wrong way to travel.

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