Children's Gardens

5 Reasons Exploring Singapore with Kids is Fun

From the first view of Singapore when we only saw the harbor with a handful of ships and tall polished skyscrapers standing guard, my kids were mesmerized. After days spent discovering what is also knows as the Lion city, the magic still didn’t wear off. Because exploring Singapore with kids is fun.

Singapore skyline

  • Plenty of exciting activities.

I am talking about places your little ones will love and you will be recommending even to people without the kids. From fun museums, like the Science Centre or Singapore Discovery Centre one of the best zoos in the world to the whole island – Sentosa dedicated to having a blast, you will want to travel with kids to Singapore.

Universal Studios Sentosa

  • Indulgence for all the water babies.

It’s always hot here so the fact that many apartment buildings have adjacent pools is very welcome  and perfect for relaxing after a full day of walking around. It might also prove to be very distractive because it makes you forget about the great city awaiting you, throw all perfectly chosen plans out the window and just laze at the pool. Gardens by the Bay might be able to get you back on track, as they are fun to walk around, offer breathtaking views and have a special treat for the young ones.

Children's Gardens

CoolkidzCooltrips Tip: Visit Children’s Garden with a terrific playground, water play features (make sure you bring the swimsuits for the kids) and it’s all free.

  • Delicious food.

Just close your eyes and picture the best mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures working its magic in the kitchen. I was so excited and not once disappointed when it came to the wide variety of delicious food on offer. And the fact that despite the city being on the steep side when it comes to prices, eating out will not bankrupt you. So, we took full advantage of it and had amazing Nasi Goreng, Pad Thai, curries, sushi and burgers, drank freshly squeezed juices and I for one forgot about diets, scales and fitting into tight jeans.


Hawkers in Singapore

  • Safety above all 

The first synonyms that come to mind when you say Singapore are often sterile and rigid. But we have learned that this amazing place is much more than that. While rigorous rules are not a thing of the past, it would surprise you how many things one mustn’t do, they make Singapore a perfect family travel destination. No reason to fret about petty thieves, kids finding inappropriate garbage or feeling worried about walking down the street. To top the already impressive list of achievements, the people are very friendly, ready to help, which comes in handy when you get lost. Though with how precise all the signs and directions are, that’s really hard to do.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

  • Easy to navigate

And just the fact that it’s easy to get around, even if you are traveling with a stroller there are absolutely no difficulties you will encounter, must be one of the many reasons, Singapore is getting rave reviews. Lonely Planet has picked it as the world’s top travel destination for 2015 and we can only concur. It holds true; safe to get to know, easy to explore, with so much variety it will hold everyone’s interest. The differently vibrating pulse in its many diverse districts will make you think you’re visiting more than one city yet it’s the whole combination of senses making Singapore truly unique and fun.

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