13 Reasons Not to Take Your Kids to Singapore

  1. How will you ever excite them about the snow and cold once they have experienced the Winter in Singapore with no hats, gloves, scarfs and itchy tights.

Children's Gardens

2. After your kids see that almost every apartment building in Singapore has its own swimming pool, it won’t be long until they start expecting one in your own front yard.

3. Half way across the world and everything is in English. How will you explain the importance of learning languages to kids after that?

4. Once you bring them to Children’s Garden, your kids will learn that there are playgrounds with water sprinklers. You do realize that after this no playground will ever do?

[tweetthis]At Children’s Garden your kids will learn there are playgrounds with water sprinklers. No other playground will ever do.[/tweetthis]

5. If you are already complaining about too many building blocks in the house, be prepared to buy even more, once your kids see the many tall skyscrapers downtown. They will get some crazy ideas.

6. It is easy to get to Sentosa, but how will you leave? With so many fun attractions suitable for everyone, even you’ll have trouble thinking of reasons to go back home and face reality.

7. They’ll forget about pizza and fries once they try the delicious food from all the different hawker food vendors. But family cooked dinners will never be the same.

8. As soon as they see the magnificent Supertrees light and sound show at the Supertree Grove, your next Christmas decorations will get a whole new meaning. Nothing will be too much.


9. How will you explain the statue of the city’s traditional creature Merlion – half lion and half fish is just a legend and there no creature like these, without them starting to question Santa and the tooth fairy!

10. If you take them on the cool night safari, they will never ever want go to the zoo during the day. Or go to sleep at night. Good luck explaining that all the animals have gone to bed already.

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11. Aren’t your kids too young to have experienced the best airport in the world and to know it is all downhill from here?

12. A walk through the beautiful Botanic Gardens full of tropical flora and the one cactus you have at home will no longer suffice.

13. After taking them to Little India, Chinatown, Arab Quarter, your kids will start expecting every city to have the best of all worlds.


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