10 Ways My Kid Starting School Feels Like Traveling through France


As I walked my daughter to her first day of school ever, I couldn’t help but think of it in terms of travel. What can I say, it helps. She is embarking on a journey of a lifetime, that will take her to many special places. Some might be nice, some just dreadful but I doubt it will ever be boring. And while she will be discovering the whole world, for me as a parent even from the start it feels as if I’ll be treading through France.

France Brittany

  1. On our first day there was such a crowd in front of the school with all the parents and the kids, that I caught myself thinking: is this the queue for the Eiffel Tower and why didn’t anyone tell me to book ahead?
  2. We had to pack her bag pack with so many things, you’d think she was starting a semester at the Sorbonne.
  3. I thought the list of items she needed for the first year was written in French since I hardly understood any.
  4. “Claude Monet move away.” We have so much painting equipment, I expect to soon be inquiring about the space at the Louvre.
  5. I wanted to crack open a bottle of Champagne as soon as the first day was officially over and I have a strong feeling I’ll exploring all the French vineyards in the following school years.
  6. Of all the t-shirts for her first day she chooses the one that says: J’ ADORE. I truly hope you do, sweetheart.
  7. I expect her backpack to start smelling of molded cheeses very soon.
  8. The menus are elaborate and they take their food seriously. My daughter however will most probably think she is forced to eat snails.
  9. Having to constantly be on time or better yet be there sooner rather than later, feels like trying to catch a flight – to Paris.
  10. We all love it, like we did France on our last holiday but what happens when the honeymoon is over. Well, as the French would say: “Qui n’avance pas, recule” translated as “Who does not move forward, recedes”. So, rather then dwell, on we go.


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