10 Travel Inspired I Love You’s

When you’ve been married for a few years, saying I love you becomes a routine. I don’t even think too much about it. I say it between brushing my kids teeth or when rushing out the door. Sometimes in joke: »you’re lucky I love you, or I wouldn’t be cleaning this mess you left«. Even though I am not a big fan of the Valentines day, it made me think about saying I love you like I mean it.


And since some of our best moments were created on trips and the love of travel is still one of the most important things the two of us share (beside the kiddos), my true, heart felt I love you’s are travel inspired:

I love you from here to Singapore.
Since we had to travel more than 15 hours to get there, deal with bored kids stuck on a plane and barely catch 15 minutes of sleep you know that this beats to the moon and back.


I would walk through Kuala Lumpur for you.
It might not sound too bad. But it was. I walked hand in hand with hubbs and our two kids, sweating, getting lost, navigating the stroller through unfriendly streets. We were hungry and thirsty and we were getting nowhere. But I’d do it again, though I can’t believe hubby would really make me. I’d bitch about, but if his life depended on it – that would be too weird, I’d do it.

Kuala Lumpur

Every day I want to kiss you as if you are leaving for Makarska.
For the first few years we had to keep a long distance relationship going. I still remember kissing hubbs on the train station and never wanting to let him go. I always want to be kissing him like that, though he’d first have to put his shoes into the closet. I mean is that really so hard.

makarska 1

Loved you in Norway, Spain and France, love you here at home, always have and always will.
With every trip our loves grows stronger.


One of the reasons why I love you, is because you let me plan our trips.
Thanks for letting me include galleries and museums to our itineraries. And thanks for making the children take it seriously.

monet giverny

I love you more than beaches in Brittany.
I love those beaches with you and the kids running around. They don’t make too much sense without you all.


You are my piece of Scotland.
Some of you might be wrinkling your noses but it’s no joke. That’s paradise for us.


Cause no trip will be the same, without you baby.
Though I do say how badly I need a vacation by myself, I am smart enough to know it would suck without you in a day or two :).


You are my northern lights in Iceland, my midnight swim in Croatia and all my stars everywhere.
And I could go on. We’ve really been lucky to have seen and done so much. Here’s to many more adventures.

starry sky

Marrying you is still my favorite trip.
When we said I dos we’ve embarked on a journey full of ups and downs but it is still the best trip we have ever taken.

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