Japanese Cherry Blossoms

10 Family Travel Haiku Poems

There is something special about haiku poems. As a parent I especially appreciate the short form and getting to the point fast – 3 phrases, 17 syllables. I decided to have a little fun with them myself, not follow the rules. I just tried to emulate the feel of the haiku as to best capture the moments of travel with our kids. Here are our 10 family travel haiku poems:

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms in full bloom.
“I need to pee.” A demand stops me from admiring.
In search of the toilet. Again.

A dog leisurely sprawled in the corner.
Miles from home a kid cries. “I want my doggie.”
And I thought forgetting a passport would ruin our trip.

Nothing but the buzz of the car.
After hours of driving kids sleep. Finally.
And we are home.


A quiet sea.
A splash disturbs the silence. Home.
I have no spare clothes.

Stunned at the foothill. My Fuji
Of clothes I have to pack in our carry on.
I was a backpacker once.

Swing moves in the wind.
Silently praying they don’t notice the empty slides.
“Playground!” From a mile away.

A line as long as a snake.
She doesn’t mind waiting for the scariest ride in the amusement park.
Yet she is afraid of the dark.


Force of nature that can’t be stopped.
Kids freely running around. Until you make them walk.
“Carry me, please.”

Pushing through the streets.
An empty stroller nobody wants to sit in.
Until you put your backpack in it.

A plan. An adventure ready to start.
“My tommy hurts. I think I will throw up.”
Opportunity. Gone. As you clean up the mess.

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