Traveling with kids isn't easy but it should be fun.

Sharing hints, ideas and tips on making all the trips with the kids fun. Join us as we explore our home - Slovenia and beyond.


10 Words That Look The Same In Slovene And English But Have Totally Different Meanings

Sin: Slovenians proudly brag with having a sin since it means a son. In predominantly Catholic Slovenia some might consider having one out of wedlock a sin. Red: Seeing red in Slovenian is not a bad thing, quite the opposite, as red is order. Star: One doesn’t look forward to being star in Slovenia. Once you realize that means old,… Read more →

starry sky

Photo Friday: Starry Sky

The view as old as time. Generations of people have stood beneath a blanket of stars and stared in awe at the starry sky. It has beckoned us, like a siren’s call, you can’t help but look up. Gazing at the dotted landscape of the cosmos always offered me comfort, hope. It is Universe’s way of telling me not to… Read more →


A Haven for Families: A review of the Tourist Farm “Pri Flandru”

There are rare places that feel more like coming home than just visiting. Nestled high in an almost forgotten village of Zakojca, on the edge of Primorska region, the tourist farm Pri Flandru offers treats for the whole family; from the delicious homemade food to riding horses. All you have to do is get there. And then you might not… Read more →


7 Things You Get Addicted to When You Live in Slovenia

So many choices  Small yet diverse is how one could best describe this country located in Central Europe. With access to both the Adriatic Sea and the impressive part of the Alps, it has everything within easy reach. Living here makes you forget about driving for hours on end to reach your destination or having to choose what to visit… Read more →

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