Traveling with kids isn't easy but it should be fun(ny).

Sharing our hints, ideas and tips on making all the trips with the kids fun. Join us as we explore our home - Slovenia and beyond.


5 Tips for Packing Light

Do you feel envy toward every traveler carrying only one bag around? And that’s not even a Birkin bag. You just can’t believe anyone is capable of packing so lightly, when you need the entire Samsonite collection. I’ve been there too but have gradually managed to figure out the art of packing light. Not a man for all seasons. I love… Read more →

Cesky Krumlov

Postcard from Český Krumlov

This week we are sending you a postcard from the magical town of Český Krumlov. Why magical you might wonder? The walk through the old town center, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is like stepping into a fairy tale. Český Krumlov proudly stands on the banks of the romantic Vltava River and is dominated by a majestic 13th century… Read more →


Barcelona With Kids

Barcelona with kids is always a good decision, with the right temperatures all year round, terrific location on the Mediterranean, the most eccentric buildings and historic neighborhoods. It can be easily explored on foot as every corner opens up to a new discovery. The food is delicious, so the only thing you need in abundance is time enough to savor it… Read more →

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