Traveling with kids isn't easy but it should be fun(ny).

Sharing our hints, ideas and tips on making all the trips with the kids fun. Join us as we explore our home - Slovenia and beyond.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

10 Family Travel Haiku Poems

There is something special about haiku poems. As a parent I especially appreciate the short form and getting to the point fast – 3 phrases, 17 syllables. I decided to have a little fun with them myself, not follow the rules. I just tried to emulate the feel of the haiku as to best capture the moments of travel with… Read more →


5 Places in Slovenia Where It Doesn’t Suck to Wake Up Early

Parents are no strangers to waking up early, not willingly. We’ve also figured it out by now, that all the sayings about the benefits of early rising are not true. From experience, nothing worthwhile happens in the mornings at our home. I wouldn’t be missing out on anything, but the kids don’t care. Not even on vacation. So, it’s all… Read more →

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