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Sharing hints, ideas and tips on making everyday parenting easier, family time more fun and all the trips with the kids extraordinary.

Time for Spring Cleaning

Domestic Goddess’s Guide to Cleaning

I am not your average domestic goddess. I find household chores very tedious and perceive ironing as the highest form of torture. Despite the effort I put into complaining about the cleaning and rating it somewhere close to pulling teeth, at the end of the day (literally), I still do it. Obviously someone has to. So, while this is not… Read more →


5 Mom Only Vacations and the Reality

While everyone is debating what the perfect gift for Moms is, I know what I want to give myself. A breakĀ  and for the world to still stand, will I have this moment all to myself. But with two tots, I don’t see it happening soon and when it eventually does, I’ll probably no longer remember how I would like… Read more →

Tranquility in Dalmatia

Photo Friday: Tranquility in Dalmatia

I have neglected this category recently. But here it is again – a chance to enjoy hubby’s photos. This lovely Friday, on the first day of Spring he takes us to his lovely home place, Dalmatia. See for yourself why it is worth considering this lovely part of Croatia as your next holiday destination… Until then have a lovely weekend… Read more →

Family Vacation from Hell

How to Have a Family Vacation from Hell?

You could certainly have fun traveling with kids, but why when you can just set yourself up for a vacation from Hell. It really doesn’t take much to enjoy a family trip, you definitely don’t need too many gadgets or consider only kid-friendly destinations. But how can it be simple, when traveling with kids is these days treated like nuclear… Read more →

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