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5 mistakes Dads do in the delivery room

5 Mistakes Dads make in the Delivery Room

Despite the fact it is physically possible for a Mom to give birth by herself, I told my hubs, I wasn’t doing it, if he didn’t come along. I was aware that there wasn’t a lot he could do. That became obvious when the act of give birth extended into a marathon of giving birth. But it was comforting having… Read more →

Children's Gardens

5 Reasons Exploring Singapore with Kids is Fun

From the first view of Singapore when we only saw the harbor with a handful of ships and tall polished skyscrapers standing guard, my kids were mesmerized. After days spent discovering what is also knows as the Lion city, the magic still didn’t wear off. Because exploring Singapore with kids is fun. Plenty of exciting activities. I am talking about… Read more →


Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is About Parenting?

When I was pregnant with my first, a seasoned Dad once told me: »There are thousand books about kids out there, not one will be about yours.« It was true. And I have since found the best parenting advice in what one wouldn’t normally associate with traditional »parenting literature«. Thus it comes with no surprise that when I recently read… Read more →


Croatia is missing on the Tripadvisor’s list of the Best Beaches in the World

Few days ago Tripadvisor released its mesmerizing list of the Best Beaches in the world. Even if you are not planning a vacation sometime soon, you should just enjoy the photos and for a moment picture yourself brushing sand of your feet instead of constantly battling with snow. Nothing like a little daydreaming.  The winners include all the best places… Read more →

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