Traveling with kids isn't easy but it should be fun(ny).

Sharing our hints, ideas and tips on making all the trips with the kids fun. Join us as we explore our home - Slovenia and beyond.

kids on the airport

If Kids Wrote Travel Tips: Interview with My Favorite Traveler

After talking to my daughter about traveling, I was surprised to realize that if kids wrote travel tips, guides or reviews there would be no beating around the bush. Travel to her is very straightforward. While on this blog she needs no special introduction, she will get a short one nonetheless. Before learning how to read and write, she had… Read more →


What To Do Around Katschberg If You Aren’t Into Skiing?

Even though Austria’s region of Katschberg offers some of the best skiing options (so I have been told), don’t worry if that is not your thing. Being a hub for active and fun holidays, you will not find yourself bored here. And attractions such as Malta High Alpine Road and Nockalm Alpine Road right next to the beautiful Millstatt lake… Read more →

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