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7 Reasons You Should Learn Slovene

Take a hundred different people from various parts of the world and I bet not a single one would pick Slovene as the language they wanted to learn. I don’t think it would even rank among the top three choices. And only a few could probably pinpoint the exact location of the country speaking it. As someone who has been… Read more →


Photo Friday: Lake Bohinj through the Seasons

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia’s largest glacial lake, is one of the must see places in Slovenia. With is wild streak and views that top any other attraction, it is only hard to recommend the perfect time for a visit. But rest assured it always works. With the snow it’s almost like a picture of enchanted Winter right out of the Disney… Read more →

Time for Spring Cleaning

Domestic Goddess’s Guide to Cleaning

I am not your average domestic goddess. I find household chores very tedious and perceive ironing as the highest form of torture. Despite the effort I put into complaining about the cleaning and rating it somewhere close to pulling teeth, at the end of the day (literally), I still do it. Obviously someone has to. So, while this is not… Read more →


5 Mom Only Vacations and the Reality

While everyone is debating what the perfect gift for Moms is, I know what I want to give myself. A breakĀ  and for the world to still stand, will I have this moment all to myself. But with two tots, I don’t see it happening soon and when it eventually does, I’ll probably no longer remember how I would like… Read more →

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